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Certificate In Management Consulting Essentials

A foundation course in Management Consultancy - leading to the Certificate in Management Consulting Essentials

The Certificate in Management Consulting Essentials (CMCE) is a recognized Institute of Business Consulting (IBC®) professional certificate, awarded by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). It provides an introduction to management consultancy for those considering entering the profession or those who wish to have an understanding of the knowledge and skills needed in this area. It combines the consultancy experience of the IBC® and the qualifications expertise of the prestigious Chartered Management Institute.

The CMCE provides public recognition of achievement of a professional foundation qualification in management consultancy with full academic status at NVQ level 4. It also provides a solid foundation for further development to full Certified Management Consultant (CMC®) status - an internationally recognised award.

The benefits of CMCE

  • It identifies you as a qualified practitioner
  • It will improve your career potential
  • It gives you student membership of the IBC® and access to its network
  • It provides an excellent basis for further professional development
  • It offers a useful background in consultancy for senior managers of any specialization who may also need to undertake consultancy work
  • It provides a useful 'refresher' for experienced consultants, including those who may wish to apply for the CMC® award


Who should attend?

  • Those involved in internal consulting
  • Those involved in undertaking consultancy projects
  • Those that manage external consultants
  • Those wishing to enter the consultancy profession - as internal or external consultants
  • Existing consultants who may wish to undertake a refresher course
  • Line Managers and those in other functions who wish to know the basics of consultancy
  • Those involved in change management programmes
  • Those working for the CMC® award


Course Director

Tony Lavender
Tony has wide consultancy and training experience, both as a Deputy Director of the Civil Service College with special responsibility for consultancy training and with over seven years consulting within the public sector. Since 1994 he has provided consultancy and training in the UK and abroad. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consulting and a Certified Management Consultant. He is a qualified Assessor for the CMC® award.

Tony Lavender is a Government Consultant with The Department for International Development and an Associate Consultant with the British Council, PricewaterhouseCoopers, PKF and Adam Smith International. He was also a Director of Studies with the Royal Institute of Public Administration for consultancy training.

Tony has a 100% success rate for all of his students that have undertaken the certificate qualification.


The IBC and CMI

The IBC is the professional UK body for management consultants and sets and maintains the standards and professional competence of the profession. It ensures that its members abide by a code of conduct and provides comprehensive assessment and qualification arrangements for its members to achieve Certified Management Consultant (CMC®) status. The UK IBC is one of the over 40 members affiliated to the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes. The CMC® is the only internationally recognized consultancy competency award.

The hierarchy of professional development offered by the IBC consists of: the Certificate - the CMCE; the Diploma in Management Consultancy and the CMC®. The CMCE and the Diploma can provide the professional underpinning for the CMC® award.

The IBC has now merged with the CMI whilst retaining its professional consultancy roles within the CMI.

The CMI is recognized by a Royal Charter and is the leading body for management in the UK and has over 250,000 individuals working towards various management qualifications through over 300 Approved Centres. The CMI is the awarding body for the CMCE and Diploma, approving the providers delivering this training.


The stages of the CMCE

To gain the CMCE, the stages that have to be followed are:

To be registered with CMI/IBC for the CMCE programme through your chosen 'Registered Centre' - the training provider.

To attend a course at a 'Registered Centre' which provides 45 guided hours of training. Tony Lavender, the Course Director, is an approved CMI Registered provider to operate the CMCE courses.

To undertake a project (7 questions to be answered within 4 weeks after the end of the course).

To submit the project work to CMI/IBC for validation. If required, students are allowed 3 attempts. On successful completion of the Course and the Project work students are awarded the Certificate by the CMI.

The Students remain as student members of the IBC for 12 months as part of this programme.


Essential Consultancy Skills Programmes (ECS)

The ECS Programmes are approved for the CMCE and comprise Part 1: the ECS Course and Part 2: the Project Phase.

Part 1 - The ECS Course, which consists of three days which cover the basic CMCE syllabus. This helps students learn about:

The course is intensive, practical and designed to meet student's needs. It consists of input sessions, videos, case studies and syndicate working. Regular review sessions are held to assist learning reinforcement. Students are given a course manual, a text book and guided readings to support the sessions.

Part 2 - The Project Phase is where the students undertake the project work which has to be submitted to IBC/CMI. Two half days are provided in the programme to assist the students. The first is to provide briefing and guidance on the project work and normally immediately follows the ECS course. The second is usually during the Project Phase period to advise on the students' work and its timing is arranged to suit the students. During the project phase your tutor will be available to provide mentoring assistance if required.

Note: If preferred, students may undertake Part 1 - The Essential Consultancy Skills course only - but in this case they will not receive the CMCE.

Cost: £2450

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