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External Influences in the Parliamentary Process - Lobbying & the Media

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Course Overview

This course explores the role external influences, such as special interest groups/lobbyists and the media, play in the UK Parliamentary Process. This course will look at how special interest groups can influence policy, and discuss how government officials can interact with them to ensure that policy remains well informed whilst maintaining high ethical standards.

Delegates will discuss case studies and assess the ways in which government officials, politicians and civil society can interact in the development of policy. By developing a stronger overview of the impact different external stakeholders can have over the implementation of any given policy, government officials will be better equipped to navigate the subsequent challenges that stem from them, and ensure that policy-making conforms to the highest ethical standards.

This course is also ideal for any organisation eager to learn how to effectively challenge a new bill and engage with senior politicians, clerks, Backbenchers, Crossbenchers and members of the House of Lords.

Distinguished Speakers:

  • Lord Peter Lilley, Member of the House of Lords & former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course the delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the impact of lobbying in the Parliamentary process and the methods they use to influence policy
  • Learn how to respond to special interest groups, and ensure that ethical standards are upheld
  • Understand the role that the media has over policy making in the Parliamentary process
  • Learn how policy makers can use the media to develop and deliver policy
  • Analyse the concept of 'agenda-setting'
  • Receive case studies of policy success and failures with a focus on the media and lobbyists' role
  • Explore how organisations can effectively influence legislation


10:00 Registration/Zoom room open
10:30 Introduction from Chair
10:35 Module Part i) - How do lobbyists influence legislation, and how can they benefit the parliamentary process? (10 minute presentation from the Chair, 30 minute discussion)
11:30 Coffee Break
11:45 Module Part ii) - How should government officials, politicians and lobbyists engage with each other whilst maintaining high ethical standards? (10 minute presentation from the Chair, 30 minute discussion)
12:25 Lunch Break
13:30 Module Part iii) - What role does the media play in policy making, and how can government officials improve communication throughout the policy making process? (10 minute presentation from the Chair, 30 minute discussion)
14:00 Summation from Chair
14:30 Finish


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Comments & Views

"Event exceeded my expectations. It was interesting and useful to learn about PQs from the 'other side'."

Nicola Yardley, HMPPS

"This has been one of the best events that I have been to. The chair was very interactive, clear and interesting, as were the speakers."

Jenny Miranda-Melo, Department of Health and Social Care

"Probably one of the best courses I have ever attended. Spot on!"

Jacqueline Davies, MOD