Course List

The following courses (typically one day in duration) are currently accepting delegate registrations. Click on any course that interest you or your organisation for more details.

LA20/STA Guide to Strategic Thinking:Principles, Teachings and Tools20th January 2021
LA21/WASWriting a Strategy21st January 2021
LA25/SBSubmissions & Briefings25th January 2021
LA26/CSGTFCivil Servants Guide to Finance26th January 2021
LA28/LA29Policy (1) and Policy (2)28th January 2021
LB10/EWSCSEssential Writing Skills Workshop for Civil Servants10th February 2021
LB15/SBSubmissions & Briefings15th February 2021
LB17/LSLeadership Skills17th February 2021
LB25/CSGTFCivil Servants Guide to Finance25th February 2021
LC10/STA Guide to Strategic Thinking:Principles, Teachings and Tools10th March 2021
LC26/SBSubmissions & Briefings26th March 2021

To download a registration form for one of the above events, visit our Registration page.

If you are interested in a course that we offer but which is not currently scheduled, please contact us.