When you attend one of our training courses we offer you the option to use our learning evaluation system. This evaluation process measures the increase in knowledge, intellectual capability or skills from before to after the learning experience (Kirkpatrick Level 2). This enables the trainee and the organisation from where they come to assess whether:

  • The trainees learn what was intended to be taught
  • Did the trainee experience what was intended for them to experience?
  • What is the extent of advancement or change in the trainees after the training, in the direction or area that was intended?

If an attendee chooses to take advantage of our evaluation process, then they will be required to either take a short test or submit a short piece of work (i.e. a submission or an answer to a PQ) before they attend the training course. This enables us to assess the level of knowledge possessed prior to the training taking place.

Having attended the training course they will then be asked to take another short test or submit a piece of work, and this will then be assessed by one of our trainers, and feedback will be given on the level of increased knowledge or skills gained as a result the training.

Government Exchange Evaluation Form