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How to Influence Whitehall and Westminster

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Essential to understand who the people are that have power and influence, in the new Government and Parliament and how to influence and communicate effectively with them. Understanding pinch-points in a coalition government and how to use them to your advantage

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn tried and tested techniques to increase influence
  • Understand when is the most effective time to try and influence policy using formal and informal channels
  • Understand how to engage in the policy process at an early stage
  • Learn the importance of the media and how try and use it to your advantage
  • Understand which people are most important to speak to, and how to gain access and communicate with them- both within the Government and Parliament and any Party bodies
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with MPs, Lords & Ministers at pre-legislative and during the Bill
  • Understand how to access Parliament and influence its work, including APPGs, PQs, Select Committees, and Private members Bills
  • Understand how to take different approaches for communicating with the Lords and the Commons
  • Understand the different parts of the legislative process and how to interact and influence them


Chair's Introduction
How to Influence Policy in its Early Stages
Timeline of policy development and how to influence early on, Influencing Party policy, Manifestos, consultations, the role of the Civil Service & Special Advisers, No 10 & the Treasury, Party Structures.
Case Study of an Effective Campaigning Organisation
How to Communicate with the Media
Who to speak to, when to speak, how to access and communicate effectively with the media, structure and range of media outlets
How to Influence a Piece of Legislation
Stages of a bill and when is most effective to influence, The Commons & Lords
How to Access Parliament Effectively and Influence its Work
Communicating effectively with Lords, MPs and Ministers, Select Committees, All-Party Parliamentary Groups, Parliamentary Questions, Private Members Bills

Please note that the programme is subject to change without notice


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Comments & Views

"Event exceeded my expectations. It was interesting and useful to learn about PQs from the 'other side'."

Nicola Yardley, HMPPS

"This has been one of the best events that I have been to. The chair was very interactive, clear and interesting, as were the speakers."

Jenny Miranda-Melo, Department of Health and Social Care

"Probably one of the best courses I have ever attended. Spot on!"

Jacqueline Davies, MOD