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Parliamentary Process

Date: 21st June 2022
Venue: “Virtual” platform delivery

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Government Exchange have recently launched a unique virtual open course workshop on the Parliamentary Process which will be delivered by our trainers alongside Members of the House of Lords, directly to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Learners will receive a deep dive into the formal legislative process in the UK moving through the different stages including formal introductions, second readings, committee stage, the role of the Lords, amendments, and Royal Assent. This course will also explore how the legislative process varies in the devolved administrations, and what powers are devolved. The session will focus on the experiences of our keynote speaker, providing learners with a unique insight into the realities of the UK Parliamentary process.

Distinguished Speakers:

  • Lord Peter Lilley, Member of the House of Lords & former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain knowledge of the recommended actions and different stages involved in making legislation
  • Understand the role of relevant bodies in assisting the legislate process such as the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel (OPC)
  • Develop knowledge of how policy making varies in different parts of the UK
  • Learn what policy areas are 'devolved'
  • Gain insight into how the Parliamentary process works in practice


10:00 Registration/Zoom room open
10:30 Introduction from Chair
10:35 Module Part i) - What are the stages of the Parliamentary Process? From drafting to Royal Assent (10 minute presentation from the Chair, 45 minute discussion)
11:30 Coffee Break
11:45 Module Part ii) - Who are the key stakeholders and relevant bodies in the Parliamentary process? (10 minute presentation from the Chair, 30 minute discussion)
12:25 Lunch Break
13:30 Module Part iii) - Devolution: How does the Parliamentary process differ in the constituent parts of the UK, and what policy areas are 'devolved'? (5 minute presentation from the Chair, 25 minute discussion)
14:00 Summation from Chair
14:30 Finish


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Comments & Views

"Event exceeded my expectations. It was interesting and useful to learn about PQs from the 'other side'."

Nicola Yardley, HMPPS

"This has been one of the best events that I have been to. The chair was very interactive, clear and interesting, as were the speakers."

Jenny Miranda-Melo, Department of Health and Social Care

"Probably one of the best courses I have ever attended. Spot on!"

Jacqueline Davies, MOD