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Professional Certificate in Understanding & Working with the Illegal Migration Act 2023

Date: 22nd August 2024
Venue: “Virtual” platform delivery

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Course Overview

The Illegal Migration Act 2023 is a landmark legislation that has far-reaching implications for immigration policy, border security, and human rights in the United Kingdom. This one-day course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Act, its legal ramifications, and its practical applications. Whether you are a professional in immigration services, border security, local government or social services, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of the Act. By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of the Act's key provisions, the responsibilities it imposes on various agencies, and the legal and ethical considerations involved.

About the Trainer: Dr. David Lowe

Dr. David Lowe is a Senior Research Fellow at Leeds Beckett's Law School. With a background in law enforcement as a retired detective sergeant, he specializes in terrorism, security, and criminal law. David has served as an expert witness for the Metropolitan Police's counter-terrorism unit and the Irish state prosecutor. He is actively involved in projects related to the Prevent strategy, aimed at safeguarding individuals vulnerable to extremism. Currently, he is also assisting the Northern Ireland Assembly in drafting the Hate Crime bill and serves as a panel expert for the UN's UNESCO Chair on Violent Extremism. David is a member of several advisory groups and the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand legal issues contained in the Act.
  • To differentiate between persons illegally in UK and victims who need support.
  • Application of processes and procedures contained in the Act.

Who Should Attend the Course

  • Staff with immigration and border security roles
  • Local Authority and Social Services staff, especially those dealing with children and victims of modern slavery
  • Police officers with concerns including immigration

Course Content

1. Arrangements for Removal of Persons Entering/Remaining in the UK Illegally

  • Examine what action amounts to entering or remaining in the UK illegally.
  • Powers of search, arrest and bail.
  • Countries and territories to which a person may be removed.

2. Unaccompanied Children and Modern Slavery

  • Examine process to transfer children to local authority.
  • Examine duty of local authority in dealing with children.
  • Examine provisions to support persons who are victims of modern slavery in all UK states.

3. Legal Proceedings

  • Examination of legal term 'serious and irreversible'.
  • Examination of tribunal processes.
  • Examination of interim procedure, including European Court of Human Rights