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Applying for Jobs: Interview Skills & CV Writing

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This practical one day training seminar is designed for staff pursuing internal and external job opportunities.

Participants will look at how to use Departmental competency frameworks to demonstrate experience. It will look at how to consider what the reader of an application form may be looking for and how to focus on those issues when completing application forms and writing CVs. It will provide an opportunity to discover and practise interview techniques.

This workshop based day provides delegates with the opportunity to practice their skills in a supportive and guided way, to learn from their peers and share impressions, to improve their skills and techniques throughout the day and top draw up a plan of action.



Registration and Refreshments
Chair's Introduction
Workshop Session One Understanding your Departmental Competency Frameworks
  • Professional Skills for Government (PSG) and the Rationale for Departmental Competency Frameworks
  • Demonstrating Appropriate Behavioural Indicators
  • Building up, keeping Note of, and Presenting Evidence
  • Understanding What the People reading your Application Form are looking for
Morning Coffee
Workshop Session Two Completing Application Forms and Writing CVs
  • Using Departmental Guidance to Best Effect
  • How to apply and use e-Learning Packages
  • Tips and Techniques for Presenting yourself in Application Forms
  • Building a Basic CV
Workshop Session Three - Preparing for Interviews
  • Preparing the Ground
  • Understanding the Job Description
  • Understanding Interviewing Techniques and what They seek to achieve
  • What do They want to hear?
  • What do You want to say?
  • Listening and Answering the Question
  • How to Answer Questions
  • Focus, Succinctness and Examples
  • First Interviews and Second Interviews
Workshop Session Four One on One Interviews with Observers
Scenario, Preparation and Practice
Facilitated Interview Practice in Groups of Three Round One
Afternoon Coffee
Workshop Session Four Discussion, Lessons and Applying Recommendations and Conclusions
Facilitated Interview Practice in Groups of Three Round Two
Conclusions and Action Plan
Final Questions, Discussion and Close

Please note that the programme is subject to change without notice