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Submissions & Briefings

Date: 21st July 2022
Venue: “Virtual” platform delivery

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A practical workshop to prepare effective written and oral submissions and briefings

Learning Outcomes

    By the end of the course the delegates will be able to:

  • Learn about the differences between submissions and briefings
  • Learn how to structure and prepare a written submission and briefing
  • Learn about current best practice
  • Develop effective presentation and communication skills for oral briefing
  • Understand the needs of Ministers and how to convey information to them effectively
  • Understand the needs of your audience and then tailor your submission or briefing accordingly
Institute of Leadership & Management

The Institute of Management and Leadership (TILM) has approved this training course. TILM combines years of research, knowledge and innovation to champion the leadership agenda for alL and since 1947 they have carried out extensive research into the knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviours and values of great leadership. Based on TILM's core leadership values, this course meets the standard that enables learners who have completed to access the following benefits:

  • Membership of TILM and will receipt of an ICPS/ TILM joint Certificate of achievement for the course
  • Access to a raft of resources to help you with your continuing professional development, including an award-winning library of e-learning content
  • A community of over 30,000 members worldwide enabling you to collaborate and grow your knowledge and skills
  • Receipt of weekly news updates, podcasts and cutting-edge research and a monthly published journal and invitations to topical webinars
  • Authorisation to use approved letters AMInstLM (Associate Member of The Institute of Leadership and Management) after your name for business correspondence


Chair's Introduction
How to Prepare Effective Written Submissions
current guidance and best practice, preparation, content, structure, layout, length, detail, commissioning, drafting, editing, checking and clearing
Effective Written Submissions - Discussion
Workshop - Writing a Submission
Establishing Criteria, providing choice through objective advice, risks and handling issues, making it real
Effective Written and Oral Briefing
aims, audience, type of briefing, presentation and communication skills, understanding your audience
Effective Briefing - Discussion
Workshop - Delivering an Oral Briefing
Civil Servant and Minister Role-Play

Please note that the programme is subject to change without notice


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Comments & Views

"Exceeded my expectations. I will take away lessons learnt in both my personal and professional life."

Victoria Low, Ofgem

"Friendly, professional and engaging. Very relevant content, will be great for someone new to this."

Colin Maddock, DVSA

"It was very useful. I feel more confident in drafting good briefings and submissions."

Charlotte Firth, Department of Health

"I have been to three Westminster Explained courses, however this Government Exchange course was more enjoyable."

R. Corben, Her Majesty's Court Service