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Policy Making in Practice Course

Date: 14th August 2024
Venue: “Virtual” platform delivery

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Course Overview

Government Exchange have recently launched a unique virtual open course workshop on Policy Making in Practice which will be delivered by our trainers alongside Members of the House of Lords, directly to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Learners will develop practical skills in relation to the UK Parliamentary Process such as developing a policy project proposition and the challenges involved in creating new legislation. The session will analyse bodies such as the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel (OPC) that play a more practical role in the parliamentary process, and how legislation is drafted and presented to the different stakeholders. Learners will develop an understanding of a project`s 'lifecycle', how to manage the development of a policy project, how to update and review policy implementation and the role of external influences.

Distinguished Speakers:

  • Lord Peter Lilley, Member of the House of Lords & former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • Sir Henry Bellingham, Member of the House of Lords and former Foreign Office Minister
  • Barbara Piotrowska, Lecturer in Public Policy, King's College London

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the Policy Cycle, and how policy should be drafted, implemented and assessed
  • Understand the role civil servants play in policy-making, and what best practice looks like
  • Improve critical understanding of what qualities are important for policy making
  • Gain insight into the challenges that new legislation often encounters
  • Develop knowledge of how policy can be better implemented and updated
  • Discuss the role that external influence have over policy-making
  • Learn about policy drafting and the importance of clarity in policy objectives
  • Receive case studies in common pitfalls in policy development, and explore how to avoid them


Introduction from Chair
Module Part i) The Policy Cycle
  • Key stages of policy making
  • Debate on the efficacy of certain models such as the Treasury's ROAMEF cycle
  • The role of civil servants in the process of policy making
Coffee Break
Module Part ii) The Legislative Journey: Challenges and constraints in creating legislation
  • Policy challenge
  • Fiscal challenge
  • Political challenge
Lunch Break
Module Part iii) Challenges of in Policy Delivery
  • Understanding the nature of the policy problem and clarity on the policy objectives
  • The role of the implementation context
  • The role of political backing and interest groups
Summation from Chair


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