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Introduction to Project Planning

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Learn how to develop a project plan to meet time, cost and quality requirements

Learn how to develop a project plan to meet time, cost and quality requirements.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the best type of project plan to use in what circumstances
  • Identify differences between work based and product based plans and when to use each most effectively
  • Learn how to plan to meet time, cost and quality requirements
  • Understand the process of Product Based Planning from project objective to Gantt chart
  • Understand and practise critical path analysis and the development of product specifications and contracts
  • Understand how to monitor progress against the plan
  • Demonstrate how to incorporate assumptions, risks and resources
  • Appreciate the value of software planning tools


Coffee and Registration
Welcome and introductions
  • Trainer and delegate introductions
Course Introduction
  • Objectives of the course
  • Course outline
Session 1: Getting Started
  • What is a plan?
  • Why should we plan?
  • Types of plan
  • Planning to meet time, cost and quality requirements
  • Project objectives
  • Product Based Planning
  • Work Based Planning
  • When to use Product or Work Based Planning
Session 2: Product Based Planning
  • Identifying the products of a project
  • Product Breakdown Structures
  • Product Flow Diagrams
  • Product Descriptions
  • Product Specifications and contracts
Session 3: Work Based Planning
  • Linking products with activities (work)
  • Activity Networks
  • Estimating techniques
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Gantt charts
Session 4: Using the Plan
  • Incorporating assumptions, risks and resources
  • Resource smoothing
  • Monitoring progress against the plan
  • Software tools (Excel and MS Project demonstration)
Course Closure
Course review and feedback

Please note that the programme is subject to change without notice


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