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Managing Change in the Public Sector

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Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to describe current context when considering change in public sector organisations
  • Understand the need for robust change management
  • Be able to deliver change using Kotter's 8 step model
  • Evaluate topical change management theories in real world context
  • Understand the human dimension in the context of change delivery
  • Develop confidence in identifying and using performance indicators
  • The importance of evaluation and consideration of lessons learned.


Day One

Trainer's Welcome and Introduction
Session One
Understanding the importance of change management as a leadership skill

An examination of why change management is important for modern managers and leaders and a description of the key concepts in change management. An introduction to the work of John P Kotter’s eight steps to change process.
Morning Coffee
Session Two
Introduction to complimentary and contemporary change management research and theories

This session starts by examining the complimentary classic change management theories whilst at the same time recognising that, modern challenges may require modern solutions. And so delegates will examine the very latest thinking on change planning and delivery in a public sector context.
Managing Resources
A look at how resources can be managed effectively including planning regimes, budgeting, the role of audits and the need to focus on outputs and delivery methods. Finding New Cost Effective Solutions, including outsourcing to the Third and Private sectors
Session Three
Introducing change

In this session, theory is applied to real world challenges and delegates will examine how to get traction as we seek to plan and deliver change. Facilitation of change, including identification and treatment of resistance factors, is examined as well as how people respond to change
Afternoon Tea
Session Four
Change delivery and evaluation

In this part of the programme delegates examine how we ensure that change is successfully delivered and how this can be facilitated by the use of well considered performance indicators. Momentum maintenance is also discussed as well as how well managed change work invests in a robust evaluation process that concludes with celebrating success.
Final Questions, Feedback and Discussion

Please note that the programme is subject to change without notice


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