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Essential Writing Skills Workshop for Civil Servants

Date: 25th July 2024
Venue: “Virtual” platform delivery

Date: 28th August 2024
Venue: “Virtual” platform delivery

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Working in the public sector requires you to write for a diverse range of people, both internal and external stakeholders. The objective of this course is to understand and practise all the key skills for successful written communication in the Civil Service and beyond.

Learning Outcomes

    By the end of the course the delegates will be able to:

  • Learn and practise some useful structural frameworks for writing persuasive English
  • Learn and practise how to structure a proposal or argument most effectively
  • Understand the importance of clarity, plain English, how to avoid jargon and how to be helpful in your writing, and apply it in practice sessions
  • Understand and practise the key principles of how to summarise effectively
The Institute of Leadership

The Institute of Leadership has approved this training course. The Institute combines years of research, knowledge and innovation to champion the leadership agenda for alL and since 1947 they have carried out extensive research into the knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviours and values of great leadership. Based on The Institute's core leadership values, this course meets the standard that enables learners who have completed to access the following benefits:

  • Membership of The Institute of Leadership will be in receipt of an ICPS/The Institute joint Certificate of achievement for the course
  • Access to a raft of resources to help you with your continuing professional development, including an award-winning library of e-learning content
  • A community of over 70,000 members worldwide enabling you to collaborate and grow your knowledge and skills
  • Receipt of weekly news updates, podcasts and cutting-edge research and a monthly published journal and invitations to topical webinars
  • Authorisation to use approved letters AMInstL (Associate Member of The Institute of Leadership) after your name for business correspondence


Registration and Refreshments
Trainers Welcome and Introduction
Session One
Discover useful templates and frameworks for written documents
Spot and correct common spelling, grammar and punctuation errors
Morning Coffee
Session Two
Learn the skills to develop a logical approach to your proposition or argument
Learn how to anticipate and counter objections and other points of view
Exercise: Drafting Letters for Ministers
Practise the key components of an effective written document which requires action by its reader
Session Three
Understand the importance of using plain English in your written work.
Understand the importance of language, style and tone
Understand the importance of sounding helpful, human and empathetic, and how to bear in mind political sensitivities
Exercise: Writing for an External Audience
Practise how to communicate essential information in a concise and clear manner, and how to create impact in your writing
Afternoon Tea
Session Four
Learn how to read thoroughly and accurately
Learn how to summarise wide ranging discussions and documents, keeping to the relevant issues
Exercise: Drafting Minutes of Meetings and Phone Calls
Practise how to write an executive summary
Final Questions, Feedback and Discussion

Please note that the programme is subject to change without notice


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Comments & Views

"The course was of a good quality and supported learning around report writing. I will be taking much of what I learnt into practice. It worked well that the group was small, as this encouraged participation and gave an informal feel."

Southern Health NHS Trust

"It brought home the importance of written communication within the public sector. It provided me with useful insights, provided techniques that I can implement and a potentially useful document resource."

UK Research & Innovation

"Very useful, interactive and enjoyable. Thank you."

Westminster City Council

"I really enjoyed the course, as it helped me to better understand how I can better arrange my reports."

Belize Social Security Board

"I would highly recommend this session! The trainer was brilliant. All sessions work at pace that was clear, easy to follow and understand. Thank you!"


"My main objective was to have a better understanding of how to formulate consultation responses. My job is in Regulation for an energy company in NI and I have only been in the job for a short time. Part of my role is to write consultations in response to Regulatory or industry proposals. I feel after the course I am better equipped to prepare and write these consultation responses in the correct manner."

Firmus Energy

"I would highly recommend this session! The trainer was brilliant. All sessions work at pace that was clear, easy to follow and understand. Thank you!"

Shantel Prince (BEIS)

"Very well run, friendly and insightful"

Matt Forster (BEIS)

"Very useful, interactive and enjoyable. Thank you"

Zara Yates-Vanhorne (Westminster City Council)

"The training was so rewarding, Thank you so much, I felt so active and alert during the teaching because of my dimension of the teaching, it was straightforward, explicit, and specific. The provision of all the learning course material needed made the training valuable. I enjoyed the interactive session especially. It was such an awesome experience. The discussion was filled with so much knowledge and the skill-set acquired in the training is essential for the needed progress in my cognitive function recovery and professional career. The discussion was filled with so much knowledge. The contents were so informative and valuable. And helped me to have a greater understanding and the necessity of professional writing skills that I can again apply confidently in my professional role. The training contents and course materials have an enormous value, and this value I have certainly gained will sustain me greatly as I continue on my journey to full recovery. Thank you again for the excellent training and support!"

Cayman Islands Customs & Border Control

"I found the training interesting and informative – lots of practical tips and guidance that will make a real difference in how I plan and execute a report etc. "

Department for Education