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Influencing & Negotiation Workshop

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A practical workshop to improve your influencing and negotiation skills

A practical workshop to improve your influencing and negotiation skills

One thing current the pandemic has taught us is the necessity for rapid but well thought through policy making across a raft of areas, risk assessment, emergency planning, business continuity, civil protection, co-ordination and co-operation across policy areas, just to mention but a few. The programme is an interactive one in which policy practitioners share their experiences, have different / new approaches explained, apply learning to their own circumstances, reflect upon current practice and are signposted to further learning material. This engaging Virtual programme offers opportunities for one to one, small group and plenary activity covering:

Learning Outcomes

This event is for experienced policy makers or those looking to build on existing knowledge of the policy making process. Participants will explore:

  • global trends in the policy arena
  • policy pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • the increasing link between policy and project management
  • the enhanced importance of open government
  • rigour in policy selection
  • how delivery chains make or break policy
  • futures thinking and its relevance to the policy process.


Chair's Introduction
What does Influence look like?
Understanding influence
The six RASCAL influencers explained
Aristotle’s 5 point persuasion plan and other theories
Influence and ethics
How to Influence others?
Applying Influence theories in practice
Applying Persuasion theories in the real world
Using Social Styles theory
What is Negotiation?
Group exercise
Defining the different interpretations and approaches to negotiation
How to approach a negotiation
Key components of principled negotiation
Negotiation and Influencing Practice
The challenge of applying theory in the real world
Skills practice using a case study ... and review
Planning for post workshop application
Review and close

Please note that the programme is subject to change without notice