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Stakeholder Management For The Public Sector

Date: 29th September 2022
Venue: “Virtual” platform delivery

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Course Overview

The 2021 Declaration on Government reform states that:

"we will operate more seamlessly with institutions outside government, building partnerships with the wider public sector, private sector and community organisations to secure the best outcomes for citizens"

Yet, many strategy and policy interventions fail at the implementation stage, frequently as a result of ineffective stakeholder management.

This one-day virtual workshop looks at the principles of effective stakeholder management and some approaches to ensure long term stakeholder buy in and engagement.

This highly participative programme uses a blend of information sharing, conversation, examination of case studies to explore the topic, and exercises based on delegates own issues, led by our highly experienced facilitator.


Learning Outcomes

Participants in this interactive programme will:

  • Understand best practice in stakeholder management and engagement
  • Have practised applying this to their own stakeholder management issues and identified practical approaches to apply to their own work
  • Understand how to evaluate the success of their stakeholder management initiatives


9:30 (BST) Registration / Zoom room open
Welcome and Introduction
What is stakeholder management and why is it important?
Who is responsible for stakeholder management?
Identifying stakeholders - how do we ensure that we know who all our stakeholders are?
Morning Break
Recognising and Understanding your Stakeholders:
  • Types of stakeholder (including internal and external)
  • What do they think?
  • What influence do they have?
  • Are some more important than others?
  • Are there common in interests?
  • What can you do about "difficult" stakeholders?
Lunch Break
Engaging with and communicating with stakeholders
  • How to engage?
  • Developing a communication strategy
  • Different approaches
  • Keeping stakeholders engaged
Afternoon Break
Managing stakeholders
  • Putting together a plan
  • Dealing with conflict
Crowdsourcing - the new engagement?
Evaluating success and identifying stakeholder impact
Discussion & Questions


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Comments & Views

"Exceeded my expectations. I will take away lessons learnt in both my personal and professional life."

Victoria Low, Ofgem

"Friendly, professional and engaging. Very relevant content, will be great for someone new to this."

Colin Maddock, DVSA

"I have been to three Westminster Explained courses, however this Government Exchange course was more enjoyable."

R. Corben, Her Majesty's Court Service